From its brainpower to its resources, the assets of Toronto are immense. Seeking to merge the city’s minds with its means, the Leaders Circle is a noteworthy association of Canadian professionals who are experts in their respective fields. This network of leaders includes some of the brightest minds of our city and country who all share the common goal of showcasing Toronto as a place of innovation, excellence and opportunity.

The Leaders Circle program partners with these top thinkers, innovators and researchers to bring international meetings to Toronto. Through the combined expertise of its members, the Leaders Circle ensures Toronto continues to host significant international meetings that provide a transfer of knowledge, build on the city’s global reputation, promote innovation and ground breaking institutions, and leave a legacy of social and economic benefits to the city and region.

This group of approximately 200 experts is from various specialized backgrounds including academia, medical/life science, leading-edge technologies, natural resources and commerce.

We welcome you to participate in the Leaders Circle in the following ways:

  • Facilitate introductions to other thought leaders in your area of expertise
  • Be a catalyst and chair an educational event in partnership with the Leaders Circle at your organization
  • Introduce the Leaders Circle to others who are seeking to attract events to the city and may require our support
  • Identify potential meetings and events in your field that could be hosted in Toronto